African Dance

Fridays @ 6:30-7:30 pm

African Dance – Celebrate the unique ability of dance to bring people together around the world with The Seventh Principle. Through a high-energy fusion of percussive dance, traditional music, and call-and-response. This program demonstrates both traditional West African and modern African-American dance while teaching about the respective cultures on both sides of the Atlantic. Students will understand how dance and music are infused into elements of everyday life in West African communities, and how the arts play an important role as an expression of cultural identity.

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Instructor of African Dance

Instructor of African Dance; Ramatu-Afegbua Sabbatt

Is a master artist known internationally. She is a member of the international Dance Counsel, headquartered  in Paris, and a member of IABD, She is the founder of Manga African Dance Inc., and comes with a cross training in African music, dance & teaching of all ages & groups. She is a world traveler where she continues to study all forms of dance from many African countries &  the Caribbean. She has been leading the organization with her wealth of knowledge in dance & music from the 1990’s,  and she is on the roster of Georgia counsel of the Arts as a teaching & performing artist.