All events are non-refundable unless you call 24 hours in advance. Please pre-register for all events as there is limited seating available and we cannot always accommodate walk-ins. Payment will be required at time of booking.

*Please bring a pair of white socks for Salt Cave Events*

Crystal & Tibetan Sound Meditation

*Various Dates & Times ~

~Friday, June 25 @ 6pm ~ Wednesday, June 30 @ 12:30pm ~ Friday, July 2 @ 6pm ~ Wednesday, July 7 @ 12:30pm ~ Friday, July 16 @ 6pm ~ Wednesday, July 21 @ 12:30pm ~ Friday, July 30 @ 6pm

Join Bebe in the salt cave for her epic Crystal and Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing Meditation along with Angel Harp Therapy. Breathe in the cleansing effects of the salt air, and Restore Balance Within through sound. Cost $20

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Michael Burke’s Sound Journey

Third Sunday of every month at 2 p.m. (June 20, July 18, August 15, September 19)

Come enjoy an afternoon of relaxing, releasing and rejuvenating through the Power of Sound……..

You don’t have to DO anything Just BE….Through the Vibrational Essence of Himalayan bowls, gong, chimes, drums and spoken word, we will explore and expand the Space we are through the Grace we are.

SOUND = Frequency/Vibration

All matter is vibrating….We are vibrational beings….Therefore to be absorbed into sounds that create balance through binaural frequencies, isochronic tones, along with just soothing, beautiful instrumentation allows those sounds to absorb into us….These sounds are how all things are generated, created and actualized.

You must book online or call ahead 678.585.1153 to book. Limited Seating. Bring a pair of clean, white socks for walking in the salt. Please no heavy perfumes and show up a few minutes early. Look forward to seeing you!

Cost: $30

Register here: