EVOX/Zyto Biofeedback Scans

These sessions can help you break free from broken record experiences, uncover emotional or spiritual blocks, enhance performance or just get over hurdles in everyday life! By bringing these emotional blocks to the surface you allow yourself to move past them. Reframe your mindset and discover generational issues. A session can also improve your outlook and give you hope. You can experience true freedom! Most people claim to feel lighter after their session.

These appointments are available monthly from Wellness Consultant, April Garrett.

To check availability or make an appointment, text 864-787-7602.

$130 Regular session/$65 for introductory visit.

Examples of things you can clear are listed below.
*Self Worth/Belief
*Personal Accountability
*Body/HealthFor more information:

Check out the YouTube video links below for more information.

Dr. Buttar speaking about process of EVOX

Dr. Cook owner of EVOX technology