Angel Schieber

    Yoga Instructor

    About six years go, a dear friend asked me to join her for a hot yoga class. I was so intimidated. I thought, there is no way “I” can do hot yoga. I arrived close to the time the class started. The only spot available was front and center to the entire class. I was so nervous. Shortly after that first class, I was hooked. I had been searching my whole life for an experience that would incorporate movement and mediation. The movement of Hatha yoga has strengthened my body, but the mediation healed me.

    I have worked in early childhood education for over twenty years. In 2014, a vision was placed on my heart to become a counselor. I went back to school and obtained a second Master’s Degree in Pastoral Counseling. Today, I have thriving counseling practice in the Lawrenceville community. In February 2019, I felt another tug on my heart to become trained to teach yoga. It was my hope that I can assist others to heal the way I have healed through the moving mediation of yoga. In November 2019, I received my RYT200 from Performance Power Yoga. I am registered with Yoga Alliance.

    My intention is to offer an intentional, connected, and mindful yoga class for my students.

        Diane Lederman

        I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and this beautiful journey has bestowed upon me tremendous bliss and peace. Like so many others, I came to yoga with the thought it would be an addition to my fitness routine, and, it certainly became as such. However, along my yoga road I began to experience the true essence of yoga. My body and breath began to relax, my mind became calmer and focused and I began to discover a new inner self. In the hectic environment we belong to, the calming effect of yoga assists to bring us back to the present moment and reminds to take care of oneself.

        My desire to study yoga more deeply led me to embark on a teacher training program and hold a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification, and, Yoga Alliance and International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association Teacher Certification. In addition, I hold certificates to teach yoga specific for depression, PTSD, addictions and personal experience with yoga for cancer.

        I hear so many people say they cannot do yoga because they are “not flexible enough” and my reply is “Everyone can do yoga!” My classes include therapeutic techniques that will begin to strengthen and release tension in the various muscles along with various breath meditations to enable the whole body and mind to release the stored stress.

        When I am not on my yoga mat at home or in a yoga studio, you can find me out hiking with my husband and our four labs or kayaking on a nearby lake or river.

        Come flow with me and share the beautiful practice of yoga!

        Blessings and Peace – Namaste – Sat Nam!
        Diane S. Lederman

            Laurel McCullough

            I began my yoga journey in the late 1990’s, however back then, I did not realize that I was on a journey. I came to the mat for the first time in my late 30’s when an Aerobics Instructor introduced yoga to our class. Over the past two decades, I have continued to practice, seeking out classes at gyms, studios, and at times practicing on my own. While the busyness of life overwhelmed me, I really didn’t think of yoga as anything more than an addition to my fitness routine. In recent years, I began to realize that yoga must be pretty important to me. I began to attend more and different classes, and allow myself to immerse into the yoga community. Curiosity and desire fueled my interest into passion. In May of 2018 I completed the Yoga Alliance 200-Hour RYT Program.
            Currently, I am participating in a Mentorship Program designed to deepen my knowledge of asana practice, anatomy, the mind-body connection, teaching skills and yogic study. Continuing my journey with a beginners mind and an eagerness to learn, I plan to engage in educational opportunities and eventually attain the 500-Hour RYT Certification.
            I desire to teach yoga and bring passion and authenticity to my class while creating a safe and nurturing environment. I enjoy Slow Flow and Yin Yoga styles, focusing on safe alignment, strength and stability, along with meditative practices, breath awareness and improved flexibility.
            “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.” – George Hegel, German Philosopher

                Linda Olney

                Linda Olney-Sikes is certified in Tai Chi Chih-with 21 years experience & is also a certified foot reflexologist.
                Linda has a loving ,caring nature and is always looking for ways to help others on their quest for a more stress -free, happy life. She teaches with joy and humor, & although you’ll be learning tai chi – there will be some surprises along the way!

                    Parks Kirby

                    Like many, I began my yoga journey in pursuit of better physical health. I find that a daily practice of asanas and pranayama improves my core strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance. Further, yoga complements my simple, purposeful and wholesome lifestyle. Most importantly, yoga promotes mindfulness, harmony and heartens my connection with my Creator.
                    I am a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 certified yoga instructor and participate in continuing education to enhance my personal practice and teaching skills.
                    My mission as a yoga teacher is to give back to our community by inspiring others to achieve their own self-discovery and awareness through their yoga practice. I look forward to serving all the students of Serenity Salt Cave & Healing Center by sharing the many benefits of yoga.