Sound Healing/Crystal Bowl Meditation

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Experience music and sound for the purpose of balancing the inner core energy as you are serenaded by the healing sound of the crystal bowls.

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Sound is one of the most VITAL aspects of Healing. All beings, all things resonate with sound. Think of a particular time when a sound made you feel comfortable with your environment, surroundings and people, noticing the peaceful flow as your inner-self resonated with that sound. This is vibration of energy.

How does Sound Healing work? Your body, each and every cell, reflects the sounds that we hear. Vibration by negative actions, music or words can make you upset, change your emotions and play havoc on your healing abilities. Whereas, music and sound for the Purpose of Balancing the Inner Core Energy allows positive Vibration which is valuable in the Healing process.

Crystal Bowl Meditation benefits all areas of the self, balancing and raising your vibration to the 7 Energy Centers called Chakras. It increases the ability to heal (ie. Physically, emotionally and spiritually) by releasing negative blockages. This raises your core energy into a higher vibration, allowing a flow of Positive Good Energy to encompass and circulate within.

$30 – Per person

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