Arisha Shah

Arisha is a licensed and trained Usui Reiki Master and Intuitive Empath who is passionate about using Reiki to help others to heal holistically and live an optimal, high vibratory life.

Arisha was born a natural healer. As an intuitive Empath, she has an increased sensitivity to energies and heightened intuition, which she has found invaluable in providing the most effective Reiki treatments.

Reiki changed Arisha’s life when trauma left her and her children in a desperate need to heal. Arisha set out on a healing mission and began researching and experimenting with various healing modalities. After experiencing the deepest release and life transformation through Reiki, she became commited to learn and share the profound benefits with others. She completed the three levels of training through Usui lineage and has witnessed astounding results in both people and animals she has treated.

Arisha has also studied law in both London and New York. She has traveled to Africa and the East where she took personal tutelage in the study of theology, sacred laws, and spirituality. She has also studied plant and crystal energy, which she uses to compliment her sessions.