Ada Mumbai Adams

Ada Mumbi is a gifted healer, teacher, speaker, and ordained minister. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Ada was raised as a Christian and grew up in a very diverse community. By the tender age of 5 it was apparent to all who knew her that she was special—she had the gift of healing by touch.

Ada is currently enrolled in the Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences degree at Quantum University where her academic focus is Nutrition, Aromatherapy, NLP and Hypnotherapy. Her anticipated degree completion date is March 2019.

In January 2017, Ada formed her own business called Mana by Mumbi, LLC, which is located at Snellville, Georgia. In addition to hosting a weekly Meditation on Twin Hearts, Ada provides an array of Physical, Emotional, and Psychological Healing services, including; Arthritis, Trauma, Anxiety, Addictions, Cellular Healing, Generational Healing, Pranic Face lift and rejuvenation. Ada is an avid student of African Herbology and uses her knowledge in this area to help clients when it is appropriate.