Claudia Reizle

Claudia has gone her own way in the intensive search for what is lying beyond this “man-made life” and in looking for what is the deep essence of herself, the deep essence of life itself.
And the first step, as life always shows itself, was to see who and what she is not. It was a life-changing process of letting go/letting free, exploration, devotion and recognition. And it was a radical shift in her own perception.

After years, she went on a journey to find what has always been there. Her true nature, deep peace and the connection with all being. A high form of freedom and independence.

Today Claudia combines these insights with her professional work. More than half of her business career she was engaged as a business woman in leadership positions in the finance world. Her many years of international experience are a great asset in working together with Claudia. She lived and worked in Germany, Spain and the United States.

Claudia loves to work with people. She enjoys assisting those who share this interest in looking deeper in the true essence of being. As a life-long traveler and sailor she feels at home everywhere and wherever there is a refreshing breeze to set sails.

An invitation to explore the truth of yourself, who you are and have always been.
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