Mark Parnell

Mark has been a minister for 23 years.  He discovered that being a church minister wasn’t for him so he searched for more meaning.  He served as a hospice chaplain for 7 years and it was closer to feeling like a purpose.  He became a Spiritual Director 6 years ago, and said, “This is me.”  He has never felt more called to a work than how he has felt with this work. He is trained in the Jungian, Mystical & Christian traditions.  He helps people expand their consciousness, often through shadow work, dream work, or by recognizing patterns and synchronicities in their lives.  Another way to think about his services is “spiritual depth coaching.”  He strives to bring insight and clarity to people’s lives.  Shadow work is not always easy or comfortable, but the energy it can add to your life is amazing!  He relies on his education, training, intuitive and empathic abilities to help guide from the higher self.

You may benefit from Mark’s services if:

  • You feel stuck or out of place as you find your way along life’s spiritual path.

  • You have thoughts, ideas, spiritual experiences that you would like to discuss or share.

  • You are a part of a spiritual community but do not feel fully satisfied, often thinking to yourself, “Surely, there is more to it than this.”

  • You know and feel that you want something; you just don’t know what that is.

If any of these sound familiar, you may need a Soul Friend.