Denise Foster

Denise Foster has been a Healer for over 20 years. Previously, for 12 years, she owned her own business as a Professional Photographer. Following, Denise worked in Corporate America for an additional 15 years. Her love of Healing,drew her to open a Holistic Business called “Chakra Balance.” After becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher, she created “Chakra Balance Crystal Healing sessions.” This combines Reiki Healing, sacred sound, essential oils with crystals and gemstones that balance your chakras and aura. Denise was also trained in EFT The Tapping Technique, which helps to solve emotional issues, fears, and phobias. In addition, she also offers “Past Life Regressions.” We have all lived thousands of lifetimes. Our intention is to bring forth those lessons learned from the past, to aid us in our current lifetime. With her intuitive gifts, she helps you on your path for your highest good. Denise is also a Sound Therapist, creating meditation music and she performs monthly here at our healing center.


      Juanita Fuller

          Stephanie Olney

          Stephanie is an Atlanta native with diverse background in real estate and television, and has always loved spirituality. She begin meditating at 16 and received her own mantra from the TM center. Meditation is a way of life and she is passionate about the benefits of it.
          Stephanie has had amazing benefits and results with her own Reiki healing, which led her to become a certified Reiki practitioner. She is teacher, intuitive and gives guidance through angel cards, which she has a special connection to. We are excited to have her here spreading the beautiful healing modality of Reiki. Book your session today, and let her balance, restore and rejuvenate you!”

              Sybil Johnson

              Sybil is a licensed massage therapist, certified neuromuscular therapist who is caring with a comforting touch aimed at reducing muscle tension, knots and stress. She utilizes different techniques based on your needs, such as NMT, Lymphatic, Reflexology, TMJ, Hot stones, Deep tissue, and Swedish massage. Best of all she focuses on listening to your needs and welcomes your feedback to customize sessions to reach individual needs.

                  Rosie Shultz

                  Rosie Shultz BSN, HTCP, Healing Touch Instructor is a retired nurse with over 50 years in the nursing field. She started her nursing career as an Officer in The United States Army Nurse Corps-and spent the last 15 years of her career at the Atlanta Veterans Hospital.
                  She was introduced to Healing Touch in 2004 while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Clayton University. She became certified as a practitioner of Healing Touch in 2009 and just completed the work to be a Level I Certified Instructor in the Healing Touch Program.

                      Bebe Gibson

                      Bebe comes with many years of experience in alternative healing modalities such as Natural Medicine, and Reiki. Over the years she has developed a practice of Sound Therapy with the Crystal Singing Bowls, the Angel Harp, music and words of poetry. Her passion for expanding awareness on the healing process and modalities led her to obtain Yoga Teacher training and to the building of Serenity Salt Cave & Healing Center. Serenity offers a place to open the mind and heart to better Self Care, and encouragement to participate in their own healing process.