Chandra Maharaj

Chandra is an Energy Healer and an Intuitive Medium.  She works with the chakras to help clear blockages and bring about a balance in the mind, body, and spirit.

Chandra is also an Intuitive Medium that channels a higher state of consciousness to tap into messages from Spirit.  By practicing Energy Medicine, she balances in the auric field, chakras and meridians that affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

      Erin McCormick

      Licensed massage therapist Erin McCormick lives in Loganville with her
      husband Scott and two canine kids, Lotus & Sundae.

      From an early age, Erin could detect tension patterns in her mom’s neck and back, and started to understand the power of massage to relieve discomfort and pain. Her mom used to say she was born for this work. Erin completed her massage certification at the award-winning Georgia Massage School in Suwanne, GA before going on to receive her state license. She uses a combination of massage techniques to interrupt the tension patterns in your muscles and help facilitate your body’s natural healing process. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or therapeutic massage with stretching, Erin customizes each treatment based on your needs at the moment. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point release are most commonly utilized.

          Mark Parnell

          Mark has been a minister for 23 years.  He discovered that being a church minister wasn’t for him so he searched for more meaning.  He served as a hospice chaplain for 7 years and it was closer to feeling like a purpose.  He became a Spiritual Director 6 years ago, and said, “This is me.”  He has never felt more called to a work than how he has felt with this work. He is trained in the Jungian, Mystical & Christian traditions.  He helps people expand their consciousness, often through shadow work, dream work, or by recognizing patterns and synchronicities in their lives.  Another way to think about his services is “spiritual depth coaching.”  He strives to bring insight and clarity to people’s lives.  Shadow work is not always easy or comfortable, but the energy it can add to your life is amazing!  He relies on his education, training, intuitive and empathic abilities to help guide from the higher self.

          You may benefit from Mark’s services if:

          • You feel stuck or out of place as you find your way along life’s spiritual path.

          • You have thoughts, ideas, spiritual experiences that you would like to discuss or share.

          • You are a part of a spiritual community but do not feel fully satisfied, often thinking to yourself, “Surely, there is more to it than this.”

          • You know and feel that you want something; you just don’t know what that is.

          If any of these sound familiar, you may need a Soul Friend.

              Stephanie Olney

              Stephanie is an Atlanta native with diverse background in real estate and television, and has always loved spirituality. She begin meditating at 16 and received her own mantra from the TM center. Meditation is a way of life and she is passionate about the benefits of it.
              Stephanie has had amazing benefits and results with her own Reiki healing, which led her to become a certified Reiki practitioner. She is teacher, intuitive and gives guidance through angel cards, which she has a special connection to. We are excited to have her here spreading the beautiful healing modality of Reiki. Book your session today, and let her balance, restore and rejuvenate you!”

                  Bebe Gibson

                  Bebe comes with many years of experience in alternative healing modalities such as Natural Medicine, and Reiki. Over the years she has developed a practice of Sound Therapy with the Crystal Singing Bowls, the Angel Harp, music and words of poetry. Her passion for expanding awareness on the healing process and modalities led her to obtain Yoga Teacher training and to the building of Serenity Salt Cave & Healing Center. Serenity offers a place to open the mind and heart to better Self Care, and encouragement to participate in their own healing process.