Bebe Gibson

    BeBe comes with many years of experience in alternative healing modalities such as Natural Medicine, and Reiki. Over the years she has developed a practice of Sound Therapy with the Crystal Singing Bowls, the Angel Harp, music and words of poetry. Her passion for expanding awareness on the healing process and modalities led her to obtain Yoga Teacher training and to the building of Serenity Salt Cave & Healing Center. Serenity offers a place to open the mind and heart to better Self Care, and encouragement to participate in their own healing process.

        Onika Long

        Known for her extraordinary massage therapy sessions, and her natural healing techniques, Onika Long, was led to a path of healing when her and her mother Diana first attended massage therapy school back in 2002. This is when Onika was first introduced to the Ancient Eastern Healing Arts, and the chakra systems & traditional Chinese modalities.

        This excited Onika, because she always got great joy from helping others, and the art of massage therapy taught her how she could heal with her hands at just the tender age of 19.

        Furthermore, over the years Onika has obtained many certifications, outside of her License in massage therapy. Onika currently holds certifications as a Certified Fertility Massage Specialist, a Certified Master Crystologist, Certified Goddess Yoni Steam Practitioner, Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Stone Grids Practitioner/Teacher, Certified Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher, and is a minister & Wedding Officiant.

        Onika is a graduate and part of the Alumni at Allied Medical College, & She is in good standing with the GA Board of Massage Therapy, where she currently holds her license to massage.

            Rosie Shultz

            Rosie Shultz BSN, HTCP, Healing Touch Instructor is a retired nurse with over 50 years in the nursing field. She started her nursing career as an Officer in The United States Army Nurse Corps-and spent the last 15 years of her career at the Atlanta Veterans Hospital.
            She was introduced to Healing Touch in 2004 while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Clayton University. She became certified as a practitioner of Healing Touch in 2009 and just completed the work to be a Level I Certified Instructor in the Healing Touch Program.

                Sybil Johnson

                Sybil is a licensed massage therapist, certified neuromuscular therapist who is caring with a comforting touch aimed at reducing muscle tension, knots and stress. She utilizes different techniques based on your needs, such as NMT, Lymphatic, Reflexology, TMJ, Hot stones, Deep tissue, and Swedish massage. Best of all she focuses on listening to your needs and welcomes your feedback to customize sessions to reach individual needs.

                    Trupti Shah

                    I come with an experience of 13 yrs in meditation. I am a Yoga therapist, Professional Sound Healer, Marma Therapist, and Reiki Healer level 1 & 2.

                    I am a peaceful and powerful soul. I had spiritual seeds embedded in me since my childhood by my mother. I was in search of something which would give me unending peace. I did not know what was I actually looking for but there was something which kept my search on for years till I found what I had been waiting for. I happened to visit a SRF/YSS ( Self Realisation Fellowship) center with a relative in 2006. That was the time  to put a period on all my search and then started my spiritual journey with full on acceleration. I started meditating and have been regular since then with so many experiences.