Wellness Packages

*Massage Therapy appointments are available on Wednesdays & Fridays.

*Friends and Family Group Rates*

Private Salt Cave Session $125

Private Sound Healing Session $165

**Cost covers admission for up to 6 people**

Mind and Body

BrainTap Meditation Experience

One Salt Cave Session


Salt & Sweat

45 Minute Salt Cave Session & 30 Minute Infrared Sauna Session


Pure Bliss

Salt Cave Session

45-Minute Private Sound Therapy Session


(Sessions completed in Salt Cave & Healing Treatment Room)

Best Foot Forward

45-minute Salt Cave Session & 30-Minute Reflexology


(Sessions completed in Salt Cave & Healing Treatment Room)

 Best Foot Forward inside the Salt Cave

30-Minute Reflexology during a 45-minute Salt Cave Session

$80 per person

~ Membership Packages ~

Self-Love Special

4 Salt Cave Sessions

4 Yoga/T’ai Chi Classes


Super Self-Care Special

8 Salt Cave Sessions

8 Yoga/T’ai Chi Classes


Way over $100 in savings!

Wellness Packages for individual clients and cannot be shared.