Yoga/T’ai Chi Chih/Breathwork Class Descriptions

Our yoga classes are designed for all levels. Our smaller class sizes allow for more individualized attention than you might find from a larger studio. We not only focus on the physical postures, but also breathwork and meditation facilitating a complete practice.

Ashtanga Yoga – Traditional ashtanga series is guided through the fifth seated posture of primary series with variations given for newer students. For those familiar with Ashtanga, this 60-minute class can be modified to “Mysore” primary or second.

Chi Breathwork & Movement – This class focuses on the importance of proper breathing to boost your health.  This class includes gentle movement.  Appropriate for all ages/levels of practice.  

Hatha Yoga – Attention to basic alignment and therapeutic principles. Mindfulness: observing the breath and body are an integral part of this class.

Flow with Joe (All Levels) – From beginner to advanced, this class welcomes all who are seeking to enjoy or expand their current practice.

Kundalini Vibes – This class brings an uplifting blend of spiritual and physical practices. Kundalini Yoga incorporates movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and the chanting of mantras. 

PiYo – Emphasizes alignment, core strength and muscle balance. Guided in the rise and fall created within the body, building intensity, and flushing it through to a sweet release. In this class you will work on mind/body connection to better help you link your actions to your breath and movement.

Power Yoga – Power Yoga is any of several forms of energetic vinyasa-style yoga as exercise.

Restorative Yoga – Suitable for all levels of experience. Yoga with passive restorative poses and postures to open the body, quiet the mind and move you into a deep sense of relaxation

Slow Burn – Integrates breath and movement, inner and outer alignment, strength, and flexibility. Slow, progressive sequences, and longer holding postures accompanied by steady rhythmic tunes encourage the entire body and mind to balance, focus and calm. Suitable for any level of yogi.

T’ai Chi Chih – A gentle, non-impact workout designed to increase your mental & physical energy through a series of 20 simple, stress reducing movements.

Yin & Release Yoga – A slow deep practice targeting the deeper connective and fascial tissues. Implementing the elements of time, breath and passive stress, yin yoga offers opportunity for increased stability and strength in the joints, ligaments, and deep fascial tissue networks.

Yoga for YA (Young Adults) – (Ages 10 years+): This class will teach young adults’ mindfulness and presence. You will learn body awareness, gratitude and deepen knowledge of oneself. This class will involve simple Vinyasa flows, intentional movement/body work, meditation and holding poses.

Yoga Standards – Learn yoga foundations to ensure a safe, aligned yoga practice. In this class you will learn about breath, foot placements, standing poses, rotation of the legs, health of the pelvis and all necessary elements of a balanced yoga practice.

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